Queen of Hearts is a Bombay based Contemporary Indian textile label started by Deepa Mehta.

We specialise in handcrafted sarees and blouses - all of which are designed, weaved and embroidered by the finest craftsmen in India. The label is a testimony to contemporary and quirky design philosophy that merges beautifully with India’s traditional know how. QoH is all about the love for good fabrics, sensational motifs, extravagant colours and exquisite quality. Period.

QoH was born for Deepa’s daughter Ashwami who wanted to wear Sarees that were never seen before. And every saree created since then is made with the intention to surprise her daughter. We treat every inch of cloth like a canvas of possibilities. There is always a story that inspires us to design something, followed by a thoughtful interaction with all our karigars and ends with our obsessive need to ensure that all our customers get the perfect fit.

When we see our loyal patrons wear our work with pride and comfort, we know it’s worth the effort.

We are based out of Mumbai and our studio is home to the Little Blue Door that you see in all the photos. The door has seen us through cotton and Kanjeevaram, through iPhones to DSLR’s. It’s where we have grown from a team of 3 to a family of 10. It’s our happy place that is also home to 2 amazing dogs and 5 fabulous cats.

And you’re always welcome to visit us for a hot cup of chai!